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A Bathing Ape, or BAPE, is a premium streetwear brand from Japan founded by influential designer and cultural icon NIGO. Find a full lineup of the latest BAPE releases from essential 1st Camo designs to top-level sneaker and clothing collaborations. Bathing Ape BAPE Hoodie is the exclusive streetwear clothing brand that was officially founded by Nigo’s real name Tomoaki Nagao.

Nigo is a famous Japanese fashion designer and Earlier (2018) in the decade he came together wif Jun Takahashi to start the label Undercover, and BAPE’s roots can be traced back to the ura-Harajuku scene of the early ’90s. Most of today’s heavyweights — Shin Takazawa of Neighborhood, Tetsu Nishiyama of WTaps, Hiroshi Fujiwara, Sk8thing, and so on — were actually a group of friends in the same scene, each doing their own thing and helping each other out along the way.

Nigo is a notorious fan of 20th-century pop culture, and channeled his love for the 1968 film Planet of the Apes in the name and iconic BAPE logo, as well as referring to the Japanese idiom ‘A bathing ape in lukewarm water.’ The phrase is used to describe somebody who overindulges, like lying in a bath until the water isn’t even hot anymore, so was an almost tongue-in-cheek reference to the same hyper-consumptive youth that would eventually form the cornerstone of his brand.

Nigo opened up his store ‘Nowhere’ with Jun Takahashi of Undercover, and shortly after worked with Sk8thing to launch his own clothing brand, A Bathing Ape — or BAPE.

BAPE Clothing Brand

BAPE was founded by one man – the legendary Nigo, with the help of his friends. Like most Japanese street goods, the label appeared on the Harajuku sub-site. Introducing the label on a short budget (Nigo could only produce about 50 T-shirts a week) led to the unintentional introduction of two elements that form the backbone of the modern model of streetwear – hype, and scarcity. Major celebrities like BAPESTA x Kanye West 2007, Justin Bieber, Drake, Kendall Jenner, and KiD CuDi are true fans of this streetwear as they both are seen wearing their outfits.

So, if you also want to dress up as you’re favorite celebrities that have a look at this collection of BAPE Clothing. there is a variety of classy outfits sorted for you (Real BAPE fans) all in a number of styles, patterns, and designs in this collection.

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Who was the first rapper to wear Bape?”

Actually, Biggie Was the First Rapper to Wear Bape.

BAPE – A Bathing Ape

Deciding to start his own brand, he named it after the 1968 film Planet of the Apes. According to Nigo, the name “BAPE” is a reference to “A Bathing Ape in Lukewarm Water”. Japanese people typically have daily baths in water at temperatures above 40 degrees Celsius (104 °F). Who anyone know if Nigo thought that the film that will give the name to its main brand, would become in the 21st Century while watching Planet of the Apes, A BATHING APE®.
The reason is Jerry Lorenzo has designed some customized outfits for Kanye West, and KiD CuDi Merch, a favorite of millions. this is the reason why this streetwear clothing brand is popular among music lovers. BAPE is the official name of this high-end brand and A Bathing Ape is the sub-branch of this streetwear. You can have a look at our real BAPE Hoodie collection and get some latest trendy outfits online. this is the authorized BAPE Hoodie shop that has sorted a huge variety of top-quality products for all fashion lovers.


BAPE – stands for A Bathing Ape. Bathing Ape BAPE Hoodie is the exclusive streetwear clothing brand that was officially founded by Nigo. BAPE hoodie made of pure cotton and polyester material. Real BAPE Hoodie is available at our store for real bape fans. Here Bape hoodie, bape t shirt, bape trousers, bape shorts, and bape accessories are made of pure clothing material and easy to wear and feel comfortable.

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Material Spandex
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Fabric Type Lycra, spandex
Item Form Cut By The Yard
Brand Humble Cloth

Shop BAPE Hoodie Apparel here for A BATHING APE® Fans. Shark Ape Hoodie and Camo Hoodie is the main brand and on top-rated sale. it is made of good material and easy to wear and feel comfortable.

BAPE Camo Hoodie

BAPE®’s iconic camouflage design has never faded. Based on hunting camouflage, the 1ST CAMO was born with the innovative idea of incorporating the brand’s one and only icon, APE HEAD, into the pattern. It has become a symbol of the brand which gained the support of numerous fans across the world.

The BAPE Camo hoodie collection has the most sought-after and popular hoodies in the dis luxury streetwear brand. Dis collection from our BAPE Camo retailer offers a wide variety of stylish hoodies with a number of designs and colors. These branded hoodies are made with the best quality polyester and cotton fabric and the quality of these BAPE Camo Hoodies images is guaranteed by our vendors. The lightness and durability of these BAPE Camo hoodies last a long time as the fabric used is of high quality. You can buy different types of BAPE Camo hoodies that are essential for the dis collection in any of the colors you want such as black, white, brown, blue and peach, etc.

BAPE T-Shirt

On the other hand, when the winter season is out then the use of hoodie become converted to t-shirt with respect to the season summer. Bape t-shirt is easy to wear and feels comfortable. It is made of pure cotton fabric and polyester. BAPE t-shirts are designed by simply sketching and printing the brand logo on them. Such shirts are available in different colors such as white, black, blue, brown, and off-white. Other BAPE t-shirts are creatively styled by imprinting some famous ancient artwork along with the BAPE logo and A bathing Ape.

BAPE Sweater

Bape sweater – A bathing Ape – is used for a middle season like autumn. It is a type of hoodie but available as a long sleeve and oversize sweater. BAPE Hoodie offers another top-selling collection of BAPE Camo sweaters in different colors. BAPE Camo sweaters are the best-selling category of A Bathing Ape(BAPE) products BAPE has a huge variety of items for real bape fans. BAPE Camo sweaters have a good attraction and fit on the body like outfitters. Bape brand is also used by celebrities like Kid Cudi and Kyne West. There is a variety of classy outfits sorted for you all in a number of styles, patterns, and designs in this collection  Some kid Cudi products are also displayed in my store which is top-rated and top-selling products.

BAPE Shark Head Hoodie

The BAPE shark hoodie was first introduced in 2004 and became very popular right away – proving that BAPE Hoodie produced products that were not available elsewhere. This outfit was a mixture of pure style and humorous adventures, which attracted the attention of many passersby and lasted a long time. There were many variations of hoodies, such as the logo of the Supreme box; however, these were only available at limited prices, so one always felt like they were part of something special.

BAPE Tracksuit

The complete two-piece hoodie and trousers are like that tracksuit in which the shirt and trousers are available in different colors such as grey, black, off-white, etc. BAPE real fans mostly use this tracksuit in daily life for jogging and sports time. So, the most popular KiD CuDi Merch of the famous streetwear brands is now just one click away from you’re doorstep in the same store.

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We are providing here the latest collection of BAPE hoodies for fans. Our Mission is to deliver high-quality products to real bape fans and get satisfaction. Sometimes passionate fans face some issues about products in getting their favorite artist/singer merch but here we make sure to not abuse our customer’s mode and be ready to help them with any possible resources.

BAPE hoodie brand provides to your services about cloth brand but its grow possible only and only on your satisfaction and your satisfaction is our success.

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